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DP Ross Richardson, producer Neil Bartley and myself braved hurricanes, humidity, mosquitos and barely decipherable accents to create this pretty piece of work with the lovely Carrie Underwood and these American beauties. Oh the south with its southern hospitality and unpredictable weather!

Patience comes naturally to them, you can’t move very quickly in 100 degree temperatures but it was something we three city kids had to learn the hard way.

MAY 2012

Possibly one of the luckiest jobs of my life - Muller and the chance to work with the infamous Peter Souter of BBDO and D&AD fame. He gave me total freedom to make every artistic decision and I thank him for that. Maybe next time though I will rethink the houseboat as a location. More storms and alot of sea sick agency folk. I seem to be on a roll shooting in storms. My MTV gal Kaija Matiss was cute as a button and tons of fun. Craig Strickland can thank me with tickets to his shows for his roll and the chance to work with her.

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