DP Ross Richardson, producer Neil Bartley and myself braved hurricanes, humidity, mosquitos and barely decipherable accents to create this pretty piece of work with the lovely Carrie Underwood and these American beauties. Oh the south with its southern hospitality and unpredictable weather!

Patience comes naturally to them, you can’t move very quickly in 100 degree temperatures but it was something we three city kids had to learn the hard way.


2nd campaign for me with this crew, this time in Santiago. We had our obstacles but made it work. Day 1 - lost our location for day 2, finished a shoot day scouting. Day 2 - car takes out hydro tower and electricity is down for 4 hours. Day 3 - worked with a kid who “gave” us 4 takes per shot, thats it! Nice Kid. Day 4 - had fun. Thanks to Paul, Steve & Mel at Leo B., Adam Marsden DP, Neil B. Producer, Ariel & The Roots, and Steve @TheSaints - the series looks great.


Finally a perfume to add to the body of work! Working together with UK’s infamous Tim Delaney, we created this idea from a simple word, dream. The scent is neither floral nor aqua so there could be none of the usual visual cues. With Christophe Labbé (production designer, Paris) and Karl Oskarsson (cinematographer, Iceland) and Lorraine Kilman (costume, London) my dream team and “eye" created this - love it.

Bitches Doin Beer!

Yes, I have arrived. Or so my female peers tell me - two beer ads in one year and directed by a chick - cool! Working with Doug Maugham and Rea Kelly from The Traffik Group and with possibly the best clients ever, Alistair, Geoff and Melissa from Diageo we created a cool spot for Guinness Black Lager. Thanks to DoP Kris Belchevski, editor Ross @ Bijou and the guys at Topix, the job was as fun as it is successful.


The best one yet. Tresemme global in Chile with my dear friends Ariel and Christophe. Thanks to Sarah Barclay and Georgina Hoffman for creating such fun ideas and giving me full creative latitude to make them great. 4 scripts each with a very different look to them. The Asian version styled in an Asian Vogue meet Hello Miss Kitty vibe. The others, just urban chic. The models - all fantastic.


The most fun yet with much of the same team. Mark Williams shoots MotherMother for me on the old Ponderosa and Little House on the Prairie ranch. Hot, windy and challenged I think we did pretty amazing for a one day shoot! (actually a day and a half in you count the shots we stole in downtown LA the night before.)


Who would have thought shooting Del Monte would be fun and creative. Thanks to Hilton. Andy, Nir, Chris, Tristan and Anne Marie it was all of those things. And thanks LA crew, when you say I want to track with a bike wheel, they don't mess around.

MAY 2012

Possibly one of the luckiest jobs of my life - Muller and the chance to work with the infamous Peter Souter of BBDO and D&AD fame. He gave me total freedom to make every artistic decision and I thank him for that. Maybe next time though I will rethink the houseboat as a location. More storms and alot of sea sick agency folk. I seem to be on a roll shooting in storms. My MTV gal Kaija Matiss was cute as a button and tons of fun. Craig Strickland can thank me with tickets to his shows for his roll and the chance to work with her.

APRIL 2012

Shooting a "beautiful" beach shot in the middle of torrential rain and wind. And the beautiful part is that the film benefited from a less than perfect day. Check out the cool cyan hue to everything and my model's purple lips! Well maybe not so cool for her but the spot did turn out nicely. Once again I have to thanks Katya Savrasova for hiring me who in turn hired Adam Marsden so that together we could make beautiful film together.

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